Today for transfers via cPanel there is a limit of 500MB for sending via   the cPanel file manager . This is to prevent the server from overloading.

The best way to send files in bulk or larger than allowed would be through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP is a specific protocol for transferring between files, there are several software on the market to perform this service.

We recommend that you use Filezilla to send or receive files from your hosting, as it has greater capacity for connections and you can manage your server and computer files in a more pleasant way.

Download Filezilla

To download the program, visit:  and click on “ Download FileZilla Client “:

Attention:  FileZilla Client is used to access your hosting .

Then click  Download FileZilla Client  again:

After downloading the FileZilla Software, install and start the program. You will get a screen like this:

You need to connect  FileZilla  in order to start transferring files from your computer to the hosting plan. The data you need to fill in is on the home page of your  cPanel  – in the right corner of the screen or through the data sent by email.

 In FileZilla, the following fields must be filled:

  1. Host:  Enter your Site’s IP, or Server Hostname or your domain; 
  2. Username:  Enter your cPanel user;
  3. Password : Enter your cPanel password;
  4. Port:  By default, use 21; (or the one reported in the email)

Attention: The best way to obtain your data is through the e-mail “Information of your accommodation”.

Normally the first time FileZilla is accessed, a warning  about the server’s certificate appears on the screen  . Check the option  “Always trust this certificate in future sessions”  and then click ” OK “:

After the connection occurs, in the upper left corner of the screen, you will see the message “Directory listing“ / ”successful”: this means that you have successfully connected.

Sending files

With the successful connection you will be able to freely browse between the files on your computer and hosting, see below:

  1. Shows all folders located on your computer.
  2. Shows the entire contents of the selected folder from session 1.
  3. Shows all folders located in your hosting, the website’s folder is public_html or www (they are the same).
  4. Shows the entire contents of the folder selected in session 3.

Now that you are able to locate yourself in the application, you can search the left section for the file (s) you want to send. Remember to select the PUBLIC_HTML folder   in the right section to access your public folder.

Sending the file can be:

  • Two clicks  on the file on the left to send the remote folder on the right.
  • Right  click  on the file (s) and select the option “ Send file “.
  • Select the files on the left and drag to the destination on the right.

Wait for the files to be sent and if everything goes well you will see in the ” successful transfers ” tab the log of the files sent successfully.