The Cloudflare service proves to be very useful for customers looking for greater performance and stability on their pages, with cloudflare you can:

  • Mask the real IP of your website (server) through a proxy.
  • Use a powerful cache system to keep your website online.
  • Use CDN (Content Delivery Network) and geo locate your site as close to the user as possible.
  • Use free SSL services and much more!

In this way, we will show you the basic procedures like creating an account and setting up your domain in the Cloudflare environment.

1.  To use the service you will need to create a valid account. Click Here  to access the Cloudflare website and create your registration.

2.  After creating your account, on the next screen enter the domain you want to configure Cloudflare.

3.  Now, choose the plan you want to use and click on “ Confirm Plan “. Cloudflare has a free plan   that allows you to take advantage of its CDN service.

4.  On the next screen you can check the result of the DNS query made on your domain. Check the list and click ” Continue “. (The image contains only examples, there may be more notes in your list).

5. You  will be asked for your domain’s transfer method, choose the “ Default method ” option to make a simple change to your domain’s DNS server. Click on “ Continue with default”.

6.  Once this is done, you will be informed on the screen below the DNS that you must place in your domain, that is, you will change the  DNS  provided by  L2JCenter  and will start using  DNS  from  Cloudflare . Your website will remain hosted on L2JCenter, this procedure is only necessary so that you can use the services offered by Cloudflare.

After changing your nameservers to Cloudflare, click on “ Done, check nameserver “.

7.  A final settings screen will be shown:

  1. Using SSL, check Flexible to keep using SSL from our hosting service or FULL to use Cloudflare’s SSL service. Both work well, it is up to you.
  2. Always Use HTTPs allows all of your traffic to be directed to https: // entries
  3. Brotli is a compression service that optimizes the delivery of your content.

Ready!  Wait for  the DNS  to propagate to Cloudflare and everything related to your domain can be used in the Cloudflare panel.