The use of an SSL certificate is essential for any website.
SSL increases credibility because it provides greater security in the transfer of data between client and server, preventing data from being “intercepted”.

With that in mind, L2JCenter offers a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate with automatic renewal. Follow the steps below to activate your certificate and stop seeing this message below:

Installing SSL Certificate on cPanel Hosting

Step 1: To start the configuration you need to login to your plan through cPanel with the access data sent by email.

Step 2: After logging in, on the right menu of cPanel locate your account details and click on the tool icon shown in the image:

Step 3: You will be taken to the SSL / TLS Status page, similar to the image below, select the Domain option to mark all your address entries and then click on Run AutoSSL.

Wait for AutoSSL to run, be patient it may take a few minutes and the page will update itself.

Ready! Your SSL Certificate is up and running!

But beware! You need to force all HTTP traffic to open as HTTPS or it will be work in vain, so go back to your cPanel and look for the Domains option.

To force any address typed in your domain to automatically reference the HTTPS entry, simply activate the “Force HTTPS Redirect” option and wait a few minutes for all accesses to take effect.

Attention 1: Do not delete the .well-know folder that is located inside the public_html it is necessary for validation.
Attention 2: it is recommended that you wait for your domain to be propagated for these steps to work correctly.

Remember, L2JCenter offers free SSL on all your hosting plans, either shared hosting or epic hosting.