By default, all VPS plans come with the primary disk of the operating system with 20GB of storage with the remaining space available to be used in any way by the customer.

To handle your  storage  click the  right mouse button  on the bottom menu and select Windows ->  Disk Management .

How to increase primary storage

The disk extension allows you to include storage available partially or completely for primary windows storage.

To increase the size of your primary disk, locate the storage unit you want to expand and right click on it:

The expansion wizard will appear, proceed to obtain details of the volumes:

Send the entire contents of the Available column   to  Selected , if it is already in the right column simply leave it.

  • Total volume size in megabytes (MB):
    Total space available after extension.
  • Maximum available space in MB :
    Total storage available to include in the new drive.
  • Select the space in MB:  The total storage you want to include on the primary drive.

Go ahead and click finish, wait a few moments while windows allocates storage on the primary drive.

How to create a new partition

With disk management open, locate your available storage space, usually informed by the caption:  Unallocated . Right-click and choose the option ” New Simple Volume … “

The disk configuration dialog will appear, click next to ” specify the partition volume “.

Assign an   identification letter to the volume and proceed.

Select the Format this volume with the following settings option:

  • File system: NTFS (recommended)
  • Allocation unit size : Standard
  • Volume Label : Disk name (my disk, database disk, etc.)

Check the option “Perform a quick format”, go ahead and finish.

Ready ! Your new partition has been successfully installed and the new volume will be displayed in disk management alongside the other hard drives.