Backing up your cPanel account is an act of preventing data loss. This procedure allows you to obtain a copy of the website in case of any problem with it, such as accidentally deleting files, check out how to perform a full backup.

Creating backup

Before starting your backup, pay attention to the minimum requirements:

  • Has access to cPanel account
  • Have storage space up to 50% of the plan

In your cPanel in the search bar type for backup and click on the service icon:

On the new screen, in full backup, click  Generate full backup .

Then fill in the data as indicated:

  • Backup destination:  keep the Home directory option
  • E-mail address:  To be notified of the completion of the backup, check this option and enter an e-mail
  • Do not send email notification of backup completion:  to not be notified of the backup completion, check this option

To finish, click on  Generate backup

Wait while the backup is being generated.

After the backup is complete,  a file with the account content will be generated  and will be available for download via a link 

  • To download the file to your local machine,  click on the link .

Attention: The restoration of a full backup must be requested through a Ticket from the Client’s Area .