Through the file manager in cPanel it is possible to send files up to 500 MB to the hosting. Check out this step-by-step how to perform the procedure:

In  cPanel , in the search bar, search for  Files  and then click on  File Manager

Choose the folder  you want to send the file to and from the top menu and then click  Upload .

In the new tab, click on  Select file  or drag the file to the box where the message “Drag the files here to start uploading” is shown

  • Choose the desired file and wait for loading
  • To view it in the manager, click  Back .

Ready! Wait for the upload to complete and the file will be available in the folder in which you chose to upload.

Important considerations:

  1. It is recommended to send through the cPanel file manager for compressed files such as .zip, .tar, .gz etc when it is necessary to send several files.
  2. Another alternative for sending files larger than  500MB  or multiple is to use FTP sending  .